Q1: When can I start construction work?

A: Upon completion of construction permit papers, drilling and receiving the water meter

Q2: What are the steps required to start construction work?

A: Excavation work, checking soil viability, freeing it from the clay or uprising soil, and after that the ground level is adjusted by the drilling equipment, then the ground is submerged, and the ground is lowered, and the ground is ready to start the concrete works.

Review engineering drawings through a supervising engineer or a contracting company with previous work similar work to start in the concrete structure and then the construction and finishing works and then the introduction of permanent facilities and the work of Land Escape.

Q3: How are contracting steps sufficient for contracting works?

A: Specify the items to be implemented, civil and legal responsibilities, schedule and price assay for the items to be implemented, and attach engineering drawings for the works required by the contract.

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